CCs & BPOs

NEWBOLD Limited has built its reputation as a chain of call centres and BPO centres from all parts of the world. We bring a comprehensive suite of end-to-end outsourcing solutions. End-to-end because we seek to deliver value to our clients at every stage of the service outsourcing cycle. We always strive to set new standards for quality by maintaining a perfect balance between world class technological resources; the best systems and a highly professional team to run them. We understand that nothing is more essential for ensuring customer delight than quality!


Looking for buying or selling international terminations on a wholesale basis? NEWBOLD Limited trades international VoIP/TDM routes worldwide. We maintain existing relationships with Tier 1 and 2 carriers from around the world to ensure a steady stream of traffic on our routes. We offer unique online reports and tools for real-time management of our service. We offer quality routes combined with our commitment to service, which ensures competitive pricing with a superior performance.


We are proud that as a worldwide provider NEWBOLD Limited offers you wide range of International Premium Rate Solutions, all in one location, supported by well-known brand World Premium Telecom. It would be our pleasure to manage your premium rate number needs, just leave it up to us and you’ll be allowed to focus on your business instead. International Premium Rate Numbers and text messaging are a modern and popular payment method which is used for charging a range of content, goods or products over the telephone. This kind of payment is possible to use for all micropayments in real-time without requiring a credit card or bank account. In addition, IPRN provides billing straightaway, not to mention confirmation of the payment process in real-time. IPRN are used extensively for online transactions as well as payments on mobile devices thanks to the speed of payments.

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